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Don’t be cheated that you will succeed to improve your credit score in a single day. It is a regular procedure that you have to commit to taste success within the shortest time possible. Subjecting yourself to this process can seem like a challenging and difficult task, but in the end, you will enjoy the fruits. Presented below are the best tips to increase your credit score fast and edge closer to becoming financially independent.

Pay Off Outstanding Debt

According to calculations, your debt constitutes about a third of your credit score. It’s true that you might not have the cash to settle all the debt that you have in one instance which is okay. The first step that you should take if you intend to become debt free is calculating how much debt you owe. Next, you should find out how much you can afford to repay every month. Afterward, start paying. Just ensure that in the process of clearing your debt you avoid getting into more debt. If you don’t owe people or financial institutions a lot of money, you have an excellent chance of enhancing your credit score and gain the trust of the individuals or institution.

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Set Reminders

Set reminders to help you to improve your credit score significantly. The reminders will help you to make your payments on time to avoid harming your credit score further. If you don’t like the idea of setting reminders, you can automate debt payments so that the moment you receive money in your account the amount that you set towards debt payment is automatically wired to the relevant account. In some cases, banks charge a minimal fee for the service. The automated service gives you the chances to save and invest more. Always make sure that you repay your bills on time because failure to do so can hurt your credit score.

Keep Accounts Open

Another way to improve your credit score is keeping all your accounts active, even the cards that you no longer find useful. An excellent way of keeping the accounts open is authorizing automatic payments to them everytime you earn. This way you will better your credit history and impact positively on your credit score. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is tracking the payments and settling them once. Keeping your cards active will assist you to reduce high credit use, which is a factor considered by lenders. If credit reflects more on your card, you will increase your credit score without much struggle.

In some cases, you will follow all the hints as presented above but your credit score will not change. The secret is exercising patience. You must understand that you won’t manage to improve your credit score in the blink of an eye. It is a slow process. Just be consistent in paying off your debts, make quick payments and maintain all your accounts open. Your credit score will improve with time if you take the measures discussed above and you will be able to land loans with better rates.

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